Archive 2009: Vienna - Berlin - Barcelona

Diversity Day in Vienna - 3 December 2009

The Diversity Day 2009 successfully took to the stage at Vienna City Hall .

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Photo and Video gallery

  • 3000 smiling youngsters,
  • 20 thought-provoking workshops,
  • 45 action-oriented info stands,
  • 30+ exciting stage performances.

The Diversity Day 2009 took place on 3 December at Vienna City Hall ...and was again a huge success!

It is the third time that this event has been organised by the
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) in co-operation with the City of Vienna and the Viennese School Authority. 

Here you can find introduction to all participating NGOs which were present at the info market and contributed to the Diversity Day 2009Workshop Programme.

See our 2009 Photo and Video gallery for this event.

The FRA thanks all participating and performing youngsters and students, teachers, NGOs and its partners for their great contributions and the successful cooperation!

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Berlin - 18 November 2009

On 18 November the FRA youth event Diversity Day had its premiere in Berlin. This was the first in a series of three events last year, which aimed to educate young people about fundamental rights and make them aware of the benefits of diversity.

Diversity Day 2009 in Berlin was implemented in cooperation with the Berlin State Authority for Equal Treatment – Against Discrimination (LADS) and the Berlin Senate for Education, Science and Research.

Under the theme “Respect unlimited - Diversity macht Schule”, the Agency and its partners organised a competition among all 400 Berlin secondary schools leading up to the Diversity Day event. School classes and project teams were asked to apply with a project that promoted diversity, equal treatment, or anti-discrimination at their school in 2009. 17 such project teams applied.

The event combined the award ceremony with a stage programme and with information on fundamental rights.
The winners are:

1. Oberstufenzentrum Lise Meitner
for their Working Group combating Homophobia at school;
2. Willy Brandt Gesamtschule (comprehensive school)
for a project on developinga students’s magazine on diversity issues and
anti-discrimination work“Ich nicht – Nicht mit uns!” (Not me – Not with us!);
3. Ernst Schering Gesamtschule (comprehensive school)
for the project “Die Welt stellt sich vor” (The world introduces itself)
– an empowerment project targeted atthe 17 different nationalities
represented in the school.

Der Agentur der Europäischen Union für Grundrechte (FRA)The FRA thanks and congratulates all applicants for their intelligent, creative and courageous project work, which can certainly be seen as best practices at school to combat discrimination and promote equality and diversity.

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Barcelona - 30 November 2009

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On 30 November 2009, around 1,200 young people from Barcelona descended on the Olympic Sports Centre of Vall d'Hebron to experience diversity and learn about fundamental rights through a very varied and interactive events programme.

The Diversity Day was hosted by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and its partner, the Municipality of Barcelona (namely the Civil Rights and Education departments).

We thank all participants for making Diversity Day a great success!

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